• Thankful
    We're thankful for customers like you! Let us help you make your Thanksgiving meal this year one of your finest ever.

  • Good to Know!
    E-Care Computer

    Access Your Account On-Line with e-CARE

    Looking for ways to manage your natural gas account from home? Look no further that our e-CARE service! It's free, and enrolling is simple.

    Budget Billing

    Enroll Now in Budget Billing

    Looking for ways to stretcch your dollars this year? SEAGD's free Budget Billing service allows you to do just that. With Budget Billing, you'll know your monthly gas bill amount now through next June. One easy amount each month for 12 months. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

    Lighter Loads

    Lessen Your Load

    With natural gas, your laundry commitments could lessen! Shorter drying cycles and cost savings with a natural gas water heater and a natural gas dryer will help you lessen your load in the laundry room!

  •  Natural Living Fall Winter 2014 Cover 

    Ever wondered what the benefits of a natural gas generator at your home would be? In this season's issue of Natural Living, you'll find all the details you need to add the peace of mind that comes with a generator to serve your home or business. Start reading now

  • Latest News

    • Traditional Turkey
      Three Times a Turkey
      Preparing the Thanksgiving Bird
      November 20, 2014

      With only a few days until Thanksgiving, the countdown is on for America’s family feast day. Final shopping lists and trips are yet to be made, and the timer is set for turkey thaw 2014.

    • Warm at Home3
      Winter Tips for Your Home this Season
      Cold Temps Here to Stay
      November 17, 2014

      Colder weather is here to stay for the next several days, and although winter is officially more than a month away, the arctic blast of cold air headed our way will now plunge temperatures into the twenties for the next few nights. 

    • Outdoor Living
      A Captivating Convenience
      Natural Gas Brings Comfort and Ambiance to Outdoor Gatherings
      October 16, 2014

      An outdoor fire is captivating, almost a little magical. From the traditional campfire to today’s fire pits, outside gatherings rely on the warmth and charm of a flame.

  • Smell Something Rotten?

    Smell and Tell

    Leave first. Call second.

    Natural gas is odorless until,for easy detection,SEAGD injects an odorant called mercaptan into the gas. Mercaptan gives off a foul smell, reminiscent of rotten eggs or sulfur. Any odor of natural gas inside your home or business may indicate a leak. If you SMELL rotten eggs, leave the area and then let us know by calling 800-660-8683. Check out more helpful tips on safety on our safety page!
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